shoe machine product
shoe machine product

Back Part Molding

Shoe back part molding or forming (which is also called the first lasting) is the process in which the back part of a shoe upper, soon to be a complete shoe, is processed in such a way that a series of key comfort and quality points are achieved.
The main focus is to fuse the outer upper material with the counter (a material that gives support and local reinforcement to the shoe) and with the lining material, but all this must be done in a 3d shape that fits the shoe lasting mold (called shoe last) and without deformations distortions and wrinkles.
The back seam must be fully compressed during this process since failure to do so will add shoe quality issues and overall deformations during the lasting process.
The proper machines activate the core of the materials and don’t just flash with heat the surfaces of them.
Our machines have been designed in order to produce the highest achievable results, irrelevant of materials or shoe difficulty. There are adjustments to overcome any issue and any type of construction. In our 50 years, we have done it all!

The evolution of back part moulders

Evolution of shoe upper back part moulders

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